Volunteers Packing Food
Filling Hearts By Filling Stomachs

Food Drive Initiative


Our Mission

Striving to promote localized food drive efforts throughout the country

With the growing population of the Woodlands coupled with the current pandemic that left thousands of individuals jobless, many families are facing increasing difficulties to have access to food, much less highly-nutritious food. The Food Drive Initiative aims to provide food to food banks, currently only the Montgomery County Food Bank      , that are experiencing shortages in resources. Since May of 2020, High school students from around the Woodlands area have been conducting food drives in both their individual neighborhoods alongside multiple others to achieve this goal. We are currently looking to expand to other areas and donate to more food banks.

Image by Calle Macarone

The Progress

Since the Food Drive Initiative first started in May:


We have collectively donated a GRAND TOTAL OF 12,450 lbs of food to the Montgomery County Food Bank.


We have raised $2,058 on gofundme that can be reached by the icon:         . This is amazing as each $1 donated is equivalent to 5 meals!



Inside an Expereince 

Featured Podcast Episode on The County Pulse 


How To Start Your Own Food Drive

Only 3 Steps, But First Fill Out This Form:     

1. Advertising


  • Print as many flyers as you may need

  • Walk around your neighborhood and leave flyers at the front door

  • Premade flyer (link in Resources)

Facebook and Nextdoor:

  • Find your neighborhood's group

  • Upload your post

  • Answer any questions in the comments

  • Premade post (link in Resources)


  • Ask for support/approval

  • Ask if they can send a reminder through their email list

  • Premade email (link in Resources)


  • Find different neighborhood group chats and advertise

  • Ask your parents to notify their neighborhood friends

2. Pickup

On your pick-up day, go down the street and collect all the items your neighbors have left on their doorsteps. Once you're done collecting, drop the food off at your local food bank. Smile! You did it!!

  • Drive with a couple of friends to make the process faster and more fun

  • Try to go in the morning or evening, when it's not as hot outside

  • Make sure you have plenty of trunk space


All  of this information can also be found @ food_drive_initiative on Instagram courtesy of Ashton Mehta & Esha Chakroborti

3. Share

  • Post a picture of what you've collected.

  • Use the hashtag #FoodDriveInitiative

  • Tag a friend and challenge them to join in!

  • Share on your story, or other social media to spread the word and the impact

  • Tag us in your post @food_drive_initiative or dm us pictures so we can feature you!

One Last Note

Fill out this Donation Tracker (left icon) so

  1.  Avoid conducting a food drive in a neighborhood that has already been done

  2. Keep track of all the food our organization has collected!!